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„Trăim cu toții sub același cer, dar nu avem același orizont”

Konrad Adenauer


Release date: October 2, 2023

The facility for additional funds for activities related to housing “Housing Plus” aims to contribute to improving the living conditions of some vulnerable people, including Roma, and to increasing the impact of the Local Development Programme in terms of improving the living conditions and future prospects of adults and children at risk of poverty and social exclusion.


Eligible applicants

The facility is addressed to projects financed under the calls for proposals “Enhancing Roma Inclusion and Empowerment”, “Local Development” and “Poverty Reduction” which are still being implemented and which also have a housing component.


Eligible activities

The activities related to housing supported through the “Housing Plus” facility are those provided in the 3 calls for projects launched under the Local Development Programme, calls based on which the projects considered eligible are financed, and will be analyzed in relation to the contribution to the objectives of the program and the project.

The activities that will be supported through the “Housing Plus” facility include, but are not limited to, measures of assistance, support and accompaniment in order to regulate the housing situation for vulnerable groups whose situation is unclear or uncertain, respectively who live in informal settlements, intervention services for families and individuals experiencing life-course difficulties (e.g. transition from a care facility to independent living, job loss, victims of disasters, etc.), including by providing emergency assistance (non -financial) and investments in the purchase, renovation or construction of housing intended for vulnerable groups.

The activities/measures directly aimed at the main objective of the “Housing Plus” facility can be accompanied by services addressed to beneficiaries that contribute to improving the results of the housing component of the project (eg, social, psychological, educational assistance related to housing, etc.).


In total, the funds allocated for this facility are 4,750,000 euros.


The minimum amount that can be requested by a PP is the equivalent of 10,000 euros (49,754 lei calculated at the InforEuro exchange rate for October 2023, 1 EUR = 4.9754 lei).


The application deadline is October 16, 2023, 5:00 p.m.


Download the package of documents related to Housing Plus funding facility