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“Never say you can’t, but start with <let’s see>”

Nicolae Iorga

``Revitalization and development of marginalized areas in Moldova Nouă``

Promoter: Moldova Nouă, Caraș Severin County

The value of the financing: 25,440 euros

Implementation period: November 2019 – August 2020


Social media: Primăria Moldova Nouă (Facebook)

The project aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Moldova Nouă, respectively of those in the disadvantaged area of ​​Moldova Nouă, identified as a marginalized area within the Atlas of Marginalized Urban Areas in Romania.

The project aimed at creating technical documentation for the rehabilitation of the road in Banat, Primaverii, May 9, March 8, Mihai Eminescu, Tudor Vladimirescu, May 1, Peace, Freedom, Nicolae Balcescu, Uzinelor, Teacher Alexandru Moisi. Specifically, topographic, geotechnical studies, technical expertise, and technical documentation for approving the intervention works were elaborated.

The execution of the rehabilitation and modernization works of the proposed streets will aim at capitalizing on the potential of these roads, by increasing their functionality, ensuring the drainage of rainwater, and ensuring safe pedestrian traffic.

The financing of the elaboration of technical documentation for the rehabilitation of the streets of Moldova Nouă contributes to ensuring the access of marginalized persons to quality social and educational services. Also, the rehabilitation of the streets will lead to the reduction of the phenomenon of segregation by reducing the distance between the marginalized community and the rest of the community, by ensuring for as many people as possible easier access to opportunities and ensuring for companies, accessibility to a wider volume. workforce.

“Demolition of existing construction and construction of multifunctional day center for marginalized people in Stelnica commune”

Promoter: Stelnica commune, Ialomița county

The value of the financing: 11,408 euro

Implementation period: November 2019 – August 2020


The community represented by the village of Malta has limited access to quality social services, which deepens the gap between this community and the rest of Stelnica commune. For these reasons, the construction in the village of Stelnica of a multifunctional day center for children and the elderly will ensure access to social, educational, cultural and recreational services, leading to an improvement of social inclusion among the inhabitants of the commune.

Through the project, the local public authority developed topographic, geotechnical and feasibility studies in order to build a multifunctional day center. The actual construction is to be carried out following the demolition of a building owned by the town hall identified in the village of Stelnica. The investment in the new construction will be made on the basis of a financing to be identified.

The investment objective will generate a positive long-term effect by reducing social exclusion, by ensuring equal access to social and educational and quality services. At the same time, through the social benefits and services it wants to create for vulnerable people, the investment will help to promote, respect and guarantee the rights of beneficiaries of social services to an independent, fulfilled and dignified life, as well as facilitate their participation in social life. , cultural, economic and political.

``Infrastructure development in the marginalized area I (Poienilor street and Calea Unirii)``

Promoter: Boldești-Scăeni city, Prahova county

The value of the financing: 7,659 euros

Implementation period: November 2019 – August 2020


The project consists in the elaboration of technical documentation (feasibility study – DALI stage I) for the development of infrastructure in the marginalized area north of Boldești-Scăeni by building a sidewalk, a bike path and a covered gutter for rainwater runoff, on the section between Poienilor and Salcâmilor streets, with a length of approx. 1,600 meters. The technical documentation is the first step in achieving the investment objective and is the basis of the technical project and the necessary execution details.

The short, medium and long term results will lead to the increase of the viability of the area by building houses, spaces for services, will ensure pedestrian traffic and for cyclists in safe conditions and with minimum costs.

Also, the achievement of the infrastructure objective will lead to improved access to the locations where social services, administration, education, medical and cultural institutions operate. The targeted infrastructure will also be a first step in the process of reducing the segregation of the marginalized community in the north of the locality.

“Elaboration of technical documentation for the establishment and endowment of a medical-social center in Ciortești commune, Iași county”

Promoter: Ciortești Commune, Iași County

The value of the financing: 25,422 euros

Duration: November 2019-June 2020


Social media: Primăria Comunei Ciortești (Facebook)

According to the Atlas of marginalized rural areas, Ciortești commune is classified as having a severe marginalization rate, a situation that led local authorities to identify solutions to increase the social inclusion of the community through local development and poverty reduction measures. The analysis of the needs identified among the inhabitants in situations of vulnerability, in many cases elderly people, with disabilities, chronic diseases or other diseases that limit their daily activities, led to the need to establish a medical and social center.

Through the project, the technical-economic documentation was elaborated (feasibility studies / DALI, field, technical expertise and documentation for approvals for civil constructions) necessary to apply for a non-reimbursable financing to set up a medical-social center in the commune.

Thus, the results of the project contribute to strengthening the capacity of local authorities to access further funding for social services, and the future medical and social center set up will allow the use of social services by disadvantaged groups. The realization of the investment will lead to combating the segregation and social exclusion of the marginalized group, by reducing the physical and social separation of the members of this social segment and by their equal access to inclusive and quality medical and social services.

``Modernization of streets in the Roma neighborhood``

Promoter: Ogra commune, Mureș county

Funding value: approx. 24,000 euro

Duration: November 2019-August 2020


Social media: Primăria Ogra (Facebook)

According to the local development strategy of Ogra Commune, for the marginalized Roma community in the locality were identified several measures of social inclusion, one of them aimed at modernizing the road infrastructure that connects the community in the Unirii neighborhood to the center of the commune. The small infrastructure work immediately results in ensuring the access of the Roma community to the social services represented by the town hall, the school, the medical office, the train station, and the national road.

A first step towards the modernization of these streets (approx. 2 km long) was made through this project and is represented by the elaboration of technical documentation necessary for this type of work, documentation that aimed to bring the road structure to technical parameters corresponding to the road category. – there are optimal conditions for safety and comfort in traffic, the achievement of a transversal profile that complies with the legal provisions, as well as ensuring the drainage of rainwater through drainage ditches.

Improved road infrastructure ensures a higher degree of pedestrian traffic safety and lower concentrations of pollutants with lower noise levels in the locality, as well as the creation of new jobs during the execution of works. The reduction of the infrastructure maintenance costs, with the clearing of the ditches and bridges, as well as the preservation at an acceptable level of the road condition are results that will benefit the local public administration. Also, the modernization of the road infrastructure will ensure quick access in case of emergencies, and the transport will take place in satisfactory conditions in terms of comfort and safety.

„Reducerea marginalizării în orașul Bălcești, jud. Vâlcea, prin creșterea accesului la finanțare”

Promotor: Orașul Bălcești, jud. Vâlcea

Valoarea finanțării: 36.486 euro

Durata: noiembrie 2019-august 2020


Social media: Primăria Orașului Bălcești, jud. Vâlcea (Facebook)


În vederea reducerii marginalizării în rândul populației expuse riscului de sărăcie și excluziunii sociale, în special în rândul tinerilor, proiectul vizează facilitarea modernizării, reabilitării, consolidării și dotării liceului cu profil tehnologic Petrache Poenaru.


În acest scop, proiectul a finanțat elaborarea documentației tehnice necesare, respectiv a documentelor ce privesc auditul energetic, expertizare tehnică clădire, studiu geotehnic și documentația în vederea obținerii avizelor. Mai departe, lucrările propriu-zise de modernizare și reabilitare a unității de învățământ vor fi realizate în urma solicitării de fonduri nerambursabile în cadrul altor linii de finanțare identificate.


Printre beneficiarii direcți ai viitoarei investiții se numără tinerii defavorizați din comunitățile marginalizate ale orașului, precum și cadrele didactice. Ca beneficiari indirecți menționăm famiIile acestora (rude, părinți) din comunitățile marginalizate și întreaga comunitate a orasului Bălceșți.

``Ardud multifunctional center``

Promoter: Ardud City, Satu Mare County

The value of the financing: 18,729 euros

Duration: November 2019-June 2020


Social media: Ardud-oraș turistic medieval (Facebook)

In order to increase the use of social services by disadvantaged groups in Ardud and in accordance with the local development strategy, the authorities decided to set up a multifunctional center, consisting of a day center and a social canteen, which would serve a number of 1,000 people in situations of vulnerability.

A first step in achieving this investment objective was achieved through the project financed by the Local Development Programme, respectively the financing of the elaboration of the technical documentation necessary for the new construction. Furthermore, a new source of funding will be identified to make the multifunctional center a reality.

The future of the center is to provide a canteen, educational services for preschool and school children, social and educational activities for young people in the community, cultural, medical, hygiene activities, vocational counseling activities, etc. The building of the multifunctional center will have a ground floor and a first floor, the interior spaces will be arranged so that they correspond to the quality and comfort standards provided by the European norms, as well as to the activities carried out. The floors will be made of reinforced concrete, on a network of reinforced concrete beams and belts, longitudinal and transverse central frames inside.

“The technical characteristics and complexity of the building are vast, on which several teams of designers have worked, whose work can be seen here, in these projects, in all these files and drawings. The designers obviously worked together with the project team within Ardud City Hall. It was an intense work, which was completed well, all the approvals and authorizations required by the legislation in force were obtained, the project is now ready to be submitted for financing so that in the future this multifunctional center will be built. we wanted it and we want it very much at the level of Ardud city in order to complete, to complete the other endowments in this field ”, the mayor Ovidiu Duma declared for the local press.

Appearances in the local press:

Ardud becomes a real center of social services for disadvantaged people

ACHIEVEMENT. Multifunctional Center in Ardud. DOCUMENTATION has been prepared


``Increasing access to quality social services for marginalized groups in Putineiu commune``

Promoter: Putineiu commune, Teleorman county

The value of the financing: 36,565 euros

Duration: November 2019-August 2020



Because rural communities are vulnerable to educational and social exclusion, local authorities in Putineiu have set out to prevent early school leaving by building and equipping a space for a kindergarten to operate. The need for the assumed investment objective lies in the fact that the preschool education units are insufficient at this moment: of the two kindergartens that serve the commune, the one in Băduleasa village has improper conditions (humidity and poor facilities), and the one in Putineiu village does not have enough space. in order to carry out its activity, in the same building, there is also the general school from the commune.

Through the project financed by the Local Development Program, the technical documentation and specific studies (urbanism certificate, feasibility study, technical documentation required according to the urbanism certificate, approvals necessary for the investment objective) necessary for the new construction will be elaborated. non-reimbursable funds on the land of 1,280 m2 belonging to the Putineiu Local Council.

The project specifically looks at the situation of disadvantaged preschool children, at risk of early school leaving, Roma children and other children from economically disadvantaged families, categories identified as the most vulnerable in terms of access to quality education.