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“No one is useless in this world if he relieves the burden that hangs on the shoulders of his fellows”

Charles Dickens

In response to the crisis of refugees arriving in neighboring states following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds approved a supplement of Bilateral Fund of Local Development Program with 330,000 euro to fund two predefined bilateral initiatives to meet urgent support for Ukrainian refugees.

The initiatives were proposed by two non-governmental organizations in Romania, the Professional Non-Governmental Association for Social Assistance ASSOC and the “Filantropia” Federation, were approved by the Committee in March 2022 session and will be implemented by the end of February 2023.

The financing contract for the predefined bilateral initiative proposed by the Professional Non-Governmental Association for Social Assistance ASSOC, called “PROTECT, SUPPORT, EMPOWER HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN ROMANIA – PSEV” was signed on 20.05.2022.

The contract for the financing of the predefined bilateral initiative proposed by the “Filantropia” Federation in partnership with the Norwegian organization Haraldsplass Diakonale Stiftelse, called “Integrated Emergency Interventions for Refugees from Ukraine in Iasi, Suceava and Maramures Counties”, will be signed on June 2022.


Promoter: Professional Non-Governmental Association of Social Assistance ASSOC

The value of the financing: 160,000 euros

Implementation period: May 2022 – February 2023



The project aims to provide support to more than 3,700 refugees in Ukraine, most of them single women, children and the elderly, who are at high risk of human trafficking. The initiative includes the formation of a team of human trafficking officers, psychologists, social workers, translators, a team that will oversee the activity at Sighetu-Marmației Customs in order to reduce the risk of human trafficking among refugees. In addition to the activities, the team will hold seminars on topics specific to human trafficking, such as “Recognizing the profile of a potential trafficker”, “Recognizing the profile of a potential victim” and will run campaigns to prevent and raise awareness of the danger posed by human trafficking networks.


Another important measure of prevention against human trafficking is the SANTINELA ASSOC call center where refugees from Ukraine can call the short number 021 9998, an already active telephone number. In addition, the project proposes the creation of a website where there will be an “emergency button” through which those interested can notify via a message the call center operators about any information or problem they have, regardless of whether it is a refugee, or even a person who has reported a potential abuse case. Operators will immediately forward the information to the team of experts, who will take over the case and provide any assistance needed.