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“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t have the same horizon”

Konrad Adenauer

Supporting the inclusion of Roma children by improving the education conditions in Homorod commune

Promoter: Homorod commune, Brașov county

Funding value: 246,359 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: August 2022 – December 2023


The project aims to improve living and education conditions in disadvantaged communities with a high percentage of Roma population in its villages belonging to the Homorod commune, by furnishing three community schools and two kindergartens in the villages of Mercheașa and Jimbor.

Within these schools and kindergartens, education sessions in the field of health and body hygiene will be held for 96 children (of which 80 are Roma children) and digital literacy courses will also be organized for 10 Roma women. 266 children from the three schools and two kindergartens in Homorod commune will benefit from the equipment purchased through the project.

Increasing access and quality of educational services for Roma children, from Teliu commune

Promoter: Teliu commune, Brașov county

Funding period: 246,371 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: September 2022 – September 2023


The project aims to improve the conditions and access to education of Roma children from Teliu commune, a locality with a high percentage of Roma population, namely 45%. Thus, the local authorities will equip the classrooms of the Teliu Secondary School with specific equipment necessary for the educational process. The project addresses a total number of 100 children, of which 90 are Roma children and 20 women, of which 10 are Roma women.

The intervention will ensure, also, the increase in the degree of social and educational inclusion of people of Roma ethnicity and support the support of Roma women in the process of integration into society.

Together, we can do more!

Promoter: Balș city, Olt county

Amount of funding: 243,270 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: October 2022 – October 2023



The project aims to improve living and education conditions by implementing integrated measures and oriented to the needs of Roma people from disadvantaged communities in the city of Balș (Macului Street, Cuza Vodă Street and Nicolae Titulescu Street).

In order to achieve these objectives, the local authorities intend to train 15 specialists and volunteers from the fields of education, health, employment, social services, public administration, the NGO sector, etc. as social mediators. involved in the provision of services to Roma people. Also, the project includes medical, legal, educational and medical measures to increase access and quality of services for 155 people of Roma ethnicity in situations of vulnerability, risk or facing various forms of social exclusion.

Thus, the project’s activities include facilitating the obtaining of identity documents for 10 people, supporting 25 primary school children at risk of dropping out through an after school program and advising and educating 50 parents. The medical component includes the provision of medical and socio-medical services for 115 people, namely screening and medical analyzes and the organization of 6 medical information campaigns. The target groups are made up of: 205 Roma people (30 Roma children beneficiaries of educational services and 50 of their parents, 115 Roma beneficiaries of health services and 10 Roma beneficiaries of support in obtaining identity documents) and 15 specialists and volunteers who will be trained in working with Roma people.

TOGETHER – local mobilization for education and health in Sătmărel

Promoter: STEA Association

Partner: Directorate of Social Assistance Satu Mare

Funding value: 246,375 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: November 2022 – October 2023


Social media: Together – local mobilization for education and health in Sătmărel


The project proposes activities for the development of the horizon of knowledge, the personal experience of 120 parents and children from the vulnerable community in the Sătmărel neighborhood of the Satu Mare municipality. Thus, 20 children benefit, through the project, from in-depth support in the field of literacy and numeracy. The children participate in the remedial education activities carried out twice a week after school at the Cultural Home in Sătmărel.

The project also includes non-formal education activities through permaculture (20 beneficiary children, other than those previously mentioned), weekly workshops for parents (20 beneficiaries) and health education workshops, which will benefit 20 adults and 20 children. At the same time, through the project, 70 packages to stimulate school participation will be distributed, and 30 families will benefit from information activities in the field of parental education, through field visits.

Supporting the inclusion of Roma children by improving the education conditions in Cața commune

Promoter: Cața commune, Brașov county

Amount of funding: 242,414 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: August 2022 – April 2023



The project aims to improve the educational conditions of children from the disadvantaged community in Cața Commune, Brașov County. Thus, the authorities will increase access to education for preschool children by equipping a number of 6 kindergarten classes with furniture and IT equipment. Also, the project also includes equipping the 4 buildings of the kindergartens with a printer and a refrigerator.

In addition, preschoolers and their parents will participate in health education sessions and will receive personal hygiene packages including specific products to stop the spread of SARS-COV2 infection. Also, they will be included in greening, non-formal education and digital literacy activities.

Education, the priority of the Budila community

Promoter: Budila commune, Brașov county

Funding value: 246,353 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: October 2022 – August 2023



In order to increase the quality of life and improve the educational conditions of the residents of Budila, Brașov county, the local authorities are running a program to improve the conditions in the spaces where educational activities are carried out within the Budila Secondary School.

By renovating the school’s hall and classrooms, as well as equipping the spaces where after-school educational activities will be carried out, the project stimulates access to education for 80 children, of which 75 are Roma. At the same time, the provision of educational materials, supplies and shoes to the beneficiaries will have the effect of preventing school dropouts. The project’s activities include the development of an after-school program and recreational and non-formal education activities for the 80 children.

Complementarily, the project considers the involvement of parents in the educational process of students, by developing child-rearing skills in workshops and socializing spaces for 102 parents (of which 95 vulnerable Roma parents and 7 parents living in similar conditions). An important focus of the project will be on developing services for mothers, women and young women, including single mothers, and addressing issues specific to them: abuse, power relations and reproductive rights.

GornEști Activ – priority interventions for social inclusion

Promoter: Gornești Commune, Mureș County

Funding value: 238,350 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: October 2022 – August 2023

Contact: h


The project aims to improve living and education conditions in disadvantaged communities with a high percentage of Roma population in Gornești commune, Mureș county through measures that address the community’s urgent problems. Thus, the provision of legal assistance to clarify the situation and housing rights for a number of 160 households where approximately 630 Roma live from the villages of Gornești, Petrilaca de Mureș, Periș.. The project also includes support in obtaining identity documents for 30 Roma.


One of the problems of the community members is school dropout, to combat it the project encourages the school participation of 56 Roma children from the village of Petrilaca de Mureș by including them in physical activities and games, cultural and sports activities.


Last but not least, the intervention includes small-scale investments in the renovation and improvement of the conditions in the premises where the educational activities are carried out (School in Petrilaca de Mureș village, Gornești commune where over 93.3% Roma children study (56 Roma children out of 60).

Facilitation for integration! Integrated active measures for Roma from Apața

Promoter: Here for You Association

Funding value: 198,020.60 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: December 2022 – December 2023


The project will generate a long-term positive effect for the residents of Apața commune in Brașov county by supporting the implementation of integrated educational and medical measures for people from vulnerable families in Apața commune. In parallel, the project includes measures that encourage accountability, awareness and awareness of the importance of supporting vulnerable groups in the community.


A multidisciplinary community intervention team will set up a system of complex and integrated social services that will involve the target groups (60 children from Apața School, 40 Roma adults, 20 adults who do not belong to the Roma minority but live in similar conditions, 2 local leaders Roma) in at least 2 activities from those proposed by the project during 11 months of the 12 implementation of the project.


Educational activities aim at attracting, maintaining and reintegrating into the school environment, informal, non-formal and free time education to support school participation for children and young people from Apața. Basic medical services that include: medical assessment, screening for testing for deficiency or infectious diseases of a viral nature due to poverty, health mediation (health education, nutrition, planning, vaccination, etc.), as well as individual psychological testing and psycho-educational sessions group. To combat the material and sanitary shortages, packages with food and hygiene products for 120 people will be distributed.


Also, the project involves facilitating the awareness and sensitization of at least 500 people from Apața Commune/Brașov County to the issue of non-discrimination and equal opportunities by organizing information sessions and an awareness campaign during the 12 months of project implementation.


“The start of the Integration Facilitation project! Integrated active measures for the Roma from Apața represent for us a new important stage through which the Here for You Association dedicates its efforts to achieving its desired goal: reducing hunger and suffering, the less fortunate being integrated into society through access to social services and education. The realization of this project includes, in addition to the sustained effort of our team, dedication, compassion and sensitivity towards the suffering of those around us” (Adina Camelia Gál – vice president of the Here for You Association).

Community health care for Roma from the village of Valeni


Partner: Ion Corvin Town Hall

Amount of funding: 244,827.32 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: March 2022 – December 2023

The project aims to increase Roma access to basic medical services and community healthcare services, according to the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities, an objective that will significantly contribute to improving the living and educational conditions of members of the Roma community in Ion Corvin commune, Constanța county.

At the level of the intervention locality, the Roma population faces a high degree of exclusion from social and public health services due to the low level of health education, the lack of health insurance, the lack of a medical dispensary that offers medical services based on the real needs of local communities.

The project aims to establish a medico-social assistance center that will deliver basic medical services to vulnerable people as well as accompanying services for beneficiaries to access the services offered by public institutions (social, employment, education, etc.). The interventions are addressed to vulnerable people, predominantly of Roma ethnicity from the intervention locality, as well as to professionals from the local authority or informal community structures that campaign for the improvement of the situation of the Roma.

The activities include: setting up the community assistance center by purchasing, placing and equipping the modular structure with this destination, provision of community healthcare services for 400 people (of which at least 300 are Roma), implementation of a health education program for 300 beneficiaries regarding disease prevention and increasing access to medical services, training 10 specialists and volunteers in working with people of Roma ethnicity.

Extension of the sewage network on the streets of Lăutarilor and Crămidalir in the city of Jibou, Sălaj county

Promoter: Jibou city, Sălaj county

Funding value: 246,375 lei (EEA Grants)

Implementation period: August 2022 – March 2023


The project aims to improve the living conditions of the residents of Lăutarilor and Cărămidalir streets in the city of Jibou, Sălaj county, where the Roma community is in the majority (90%), by ensuring access to the public sewage system for 80 homes of approximately 630 people (during the project, households will be connected to the existing public network that will be expanded).

At the same time, an information campaign among community members will contribute to increasing the level of correct use of the sewage system and understanding of the importance of health. At the same time, the campaign will increase the level of information among them on combating the spread of the SarsCov-2 virus.

The intervention is accompanied by the provision of packages with basic hygiene materials for each household (soap, detergent, disposable masks, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant, cloths, dish sponges, cleaning bags, toilet paper, etc.).