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“If we don’t change, we won’t grow. If we don’t grow, we don’t live “

Nelson Mandela


Promoter: “Together” Community Development Agency Foundation

Partners: Romano-Kher National Roma Culture Center, “Amare Rromentza” Roma Center Association, Marginalized Communities Association, Roma from Făgăraș Association, DANROM Făurei Association, ”Buzău Community Development Agency” Association, Romi Ursari from Dagâța Association

Value of the funding: 897,454 euros

Implementation period: December 2020 – November 2022



The empowerment and inclusion of 2.200 Roma people  all over the country is a high priority for the „ We can do more together” project.  Using a “bottom-up” approach, the project will promote in the Roma communities the idea that every citizen can contribute to solving community problems and every voice is important. Also, the project contributes significantly to the promotion of Roma culture and identity by creating a virtual museum of Roma culture, which will become an effective tool in combating discrimination on ethnic criteria.

20 Roma communities from Botoșani, Brașov, Brăila, Buzău, Iași counties will receive support for its development through community facilitation and measures such as set-up and mobilization of local initiative groups, participatory identification of needs, realization of local action plans and promoting them in local councils and well as advocacy actions for the implementation of the measures in the plans. Also, the list of measures is fulfilled by training courses for members of these local initiative groups formed (community development, communication, fundraising and advocacy, writing and implementation of projects, policies public and local representation, identity education, development of contemporary Roma culture) and other information and promotion activities on the history, Roma culture, rights of this minority. In addition, 75 experts and local Roma leaders at the national level will have improved skills for participation in decision-making and representation of Roma communities.

The broad process of empowering the Roma minority will be achieved by several public campaigns which will promote Roma culture and identity addressed to both Roma (to better understand the elements of their identity and stimulate its assumption) and to the majority of the population, in order to reduce stereotypes and prejudices caused by ignorance about the Roma.


Interim results (30. 06.2021)

– 5 public events (offline) dedicated to the launch of the project in every county of implementation of the activities

  • Botoșani, 10.03.2021 – 23 participants
  • Iași, 11.03.2021 – 20 participants
  • Brăila, 12.03.2021 – 20 participants
  • Buzau, 16.03.2021 – 20 participants
  • Făgăraș, 17.03.2021 – 20 participants

– 5 social facilitators selected and familiarized with the communities were they will activate:

  • Botoșani County: Albești, Bălușeni, Săveni, Botoșani
  • Brăila County: Însurăței, Lacu Dulce (district of Muncipiului Brăila), Șuțești, Viziru
  • Brașov County: Cincu, Făgăraș, Rupea, Racoș
  • Buzau County: Calvini, Cilibia, Mihăilești, Viperești
  • Iași County: Motca, Crucea (Lungani commune), 10 Prăjini (Dăgata commune), Petriș (Dolhești commune)

– 20 local initiative groups created

– 102 members of local initiative groups benefited from training courses of “Community Development” and “Communication, Fundraising and Advocacy”

– 41 representatives of local authorities participated in the course on “Local administration focused on the needs of the citizen”.