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“Ideas build on a stable basis. There is no shortcut between the present and the future.

The goals are achieved through planning, preparation and execution”

Bruce Hyland

The estimated timetable for the calls for proposals launching

The estimated timetable for the calls for proposals launching whithin the Local Development Programme, updated on 7.04.2020:





Call for proposals

Starting Closing



Inclusive education for children and youth at risk (Call no. 2)




Restricted call Poverty Alleviation (Call no. 3) 12.12.2018 8.05.2019


Access to financing



April 7, 2020


Local Development (Call no. 4) 10.09.2019 25.02.2020

5. Enhancing Roma Inclusion and Empowerment (Call. no .1) 11.09.2019 30.01.2020

6. Human Rights (Call no. 5) iunie 2020

7. Priority interventions octombrie 2020


*the timetable is updated periodically

Short description of the calls for proposals


The specificity of each call


  • The restricted call “Poverty Alleviation” (€ 20,000,000) support the implementation of national and local measures to combat poverty and to ensure the valorisation / development of the results of the projects implemented under the “Poverty Alleviation” Programme (RO25) financed through the Norwegian Grants 2009 – 2014. The call is exclusively addressed to the organizations involved in the preparation / implementation of the projects financed under the Programme “Poverty Alleviation”, namely UNICEF Romania, the Salvation Army of Romania, the Mayoralty of Craiova and Timisoara, Roma Education Fund (REF) Romania, the Institute for the Study of National Minorities Problems, Inter-Community Development Association Cluj-Napoca.


  • Inclusive education for children and youth at risk call for proposals (€ 8.581.978) promotes and supports inclusive education and equal chances, increasing the access to educational and social services.


  • Small grant scheme Access to financing (1.000.000 euro) is dedicated to local authorities in order to increase their capacity to apply for other financing, respectively for technical assistance services for the preparation of technical documentation and obtaining the necessary legal approvals for investments / measures aiming at local development in poor areas


  • Enhancing Roma Inclusion and Empowerment call for proposals (€ 16.000.000) promotes social inclusion, discrimination and racism combating, promoting intercultural exchanges and strengthening the capacity of supporting the development in communities with a high percentage of Roma population.


  • Local Development call for proposals (€ 10.090.640) aims to improve the quality and access to social services (education, health, employment, etc.) of disadvantaged groups.


  • Human Rights call for proposals (€ 5.868.529) is addressed to public entities at national level, in view of implementing the recommendations issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after 2015 regarding the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of national minorities, the rights of detainees, children’s rights and women’s rights in Romania.


  • Small grant scheme Priority Interventions (€ 1.647.059) will provide emergency funding to improve the social and educational facilities for children and young people, increase of access to health services, improvement of living conditions, facilitate the issuance of identity papers, ensure social and legal support for victims of evictions, promotion of intercultural exchanges, etc.
Informative public events on the calls

Each call will be open for a minimum of two months. During this period, to inform all interested parties about the financing opportunities offered by the Programme, the RSDF will organize information seminars for each call. The events will be announced and promoted within the web section dedicated to the Programme and on the Programme’s Facebook page.