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The principles of inclusive education are discovered and learned “experientially” in Piatra-Neamț

A series of interactive activities, organized during July, allowed teachers and students involved in the project “Experiential Pedagogy”, developed by the Juvenal Association of Piatra-Neamt, to discover what it means to educate and be educated inclusive and creative, to learn from every experience you have, not to be afraid of the unknown and to appreciate teamwork.

In a workshop focused on combating school dropout and absenteeism, 33 educational experts (teachers, school counselors, managers) experienced practical methods of working with children at risk of educational and social exclusion, participants becoming familiar with the concept of inclusive education in relation to the particular situations they encounter in their daily work.

In their turn, 11 students of the 10th and 11th grades from Piatra Neamț participated in a motivational workshop entitled “I am special!”, In which, through practical activities, they learned that education is valuable, that discriminatory behavior and aggressively leaves deep traces in a child’s life, that everyone feels the need to be accepted and appreciated, while learning how they can personally meet the needs of their peers, so that school becomes a place where they feel good all of us.

Funded by the Romanian Social Development Fund, through the “Local Development” Programme, the “Experiential Pedagogy” project, developed by the Juvenal Association in partnership with the Neamț County School Inspectorate, the Fencing for All Foundation in Bucharest and Newschool AS in Norway, benefits from a grant in value of 909,958 euros, offered by Norway, through the Norway Grants 2014-2021. In order to increase the participation in the educational process of 664 children at risk of dropping out of school and with special educational needs, from 11 schools and high schools in Neamț and Suceava counties, the project proposes unique interventions, meant to stimulate creativity and critical spirit, to create solidarity and to improve the relationship between students and teachers.

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